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Long lost twins xo

My fave girlie 😍😍

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The post didn't even say that women couldn't be in relationships...
drinkawaymyfeelings drinkawaymyfeelings Said:

Tumblr always does an the bit at the bottom suggests it

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you're just derailing the argument because you dont have a foot to stand on. the post didnt even say anything about women not being in relationships. your anti sj bullshit is so tiresome. please educate yourself before you add obnoxious, ignorant comments to positive posts.
drinkawaymyfeelings drinkawaymyfeelings Said:

Jesus fucking Christ man it’s just an opinion. Calm your tits. My point was that you can’t complain about lack of female leads without romantic interests whilst actively supporting a romantic interest which doesn’t advance the plot in any way.

Just met Kev from American Pie

Apparently Kev from American Pie is playing here acoustically???

My favourite boys 😞

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like they're together in the comics. it's completely possible to ship a current relationship in a film or comic and maintain that those films need more strong female characters. you can be a strong woman and be in a relationship, but it would also be nice to see more women independent of relationships... literally there's no 'irony' there.
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Because, as we learnt from iron man 3, the film and comic universe are the exact same.


When your crush uploads a selfie


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hi im here to ruin everything 

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